The ALBERTA DIGITAL ID is a free account provided by the Alberta government that allows you access to both provincial and federal government sites. As an Albertan, applying for any of the provincial and federal emergency response plan assistance funding will require your Alberta Digital ID.

When applying for the Alberta digital ID you will need the following:

• Your email account and Alberta driver’s license or identification card

Please use the following link to be directed to the website.

When you first start you will be asked to create an account.

Make sure that you have written down your USERNAME and PASSWORD as you will need it to log into your account online upon receiving your activation code in the mail.

Once you have created your account you will be asked to confirm your identity which will be sent to you via email. Have your email account accessible. Please note that the link will expire in 96 hours. If you don’t see it in your email, check your junk mail.

After receiving an email from the website, you will confirm your identity by providing the password that you had set up when you initially created the account.

Log back into your online account. You will be required to confirm your ID. Have your Alberta driver’s license or identification card ready. You will have the option of scanning your ID in with your mobile device or entering your information manually. If you are entering the information manually, type in the information EXACTLY how it shows on your license or ID card to avoid any delays. Please note that the CAN (Audit Control Number) is on the back bottom right-hand side under the scan bar of your license.

Once you have completed the verification process and your ID has been confirmed you will receive your activation code in the mail within 10 days from applying. At this point, simply re-sign back into the account, enter your activation code and you will have full access to your account.